Barry King - Common Edger
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Barry King - Common Edger

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Barry King - Common Edger

Made in the USA by the world famous Barry King, the 'Common Edger' is an exquisite piece of craftmanship. Each tool is made with a heat treated tooling steel to ensure durability and they are finished to a high polish. The handles are capped with a brass ferule and are sculpted using Bocote, a striking exotic hardwood from Central and South America that produces dramatic and unique striping to each piece.

These edgers are a tool of beauty, quality and immense practicality. You'll  be sure to cherish using and admiring yours for years to come.

Currently available in the following sizes;

#0 - 0.8mm
#1 - 1.2mm
#2 - 1.6mm
#3 - 2mm

Our range of Barry King tools will grow over time, if you are interested in specific tools that we don't currently stock please register your interest by e-mailing us at

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