For years Ron Edmonds worked as a Saddle Maker and Case Maker. Throughout his career he purchased and used many leather working tools. Unfortunately he found that virtually every tool had to be reworked before it was useful. From Ron’s experience with mass produced tools came a determination to design and create professional quality leather working tools. Consequently after the sale of his leather business in 1985 Ron embarked upon the design and manufacture of a premium line of hand tools. People loved the quality of his tools and Ron’s Tools became known worldwide. By 2011 Ron was ready to retire, so Toby Yoder, also a saddle maker whose shop was slow at the time, started working with Ron. After selling his saddleshop he bought Ron’s Tools and has been dedicated to building the same quality tools as Ron had.

The design of each tool is the result of leather working experience and knowledge of how the tool should perform. Ron’s Tools uses the highest quality steel for the blade which is then mated to a beautiful bocote wood handle and braced with a seamless brass ferule. Ron’s Tools firmly believes their line of tools is the finest available. 

Ron's Tools

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