Amy Roke - 0.45mm Premium Waxed Polyester Thread
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Amy Roke - 0.45mm Premium Waxed Polyester Thread

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Amy Roke - Premium Waxed Polyester Thread

Each item is 1 spool of 210m thread. The thread is of high quality and comes in a number of different colours, from vibrant to subtle you are sure to find exactly what you need!

It is pre-waxed and provides a smooth, strong and vibrant stitch. The fibres are flat and 0.45 mm in diameter. They are specifically tailored for hand stitching in leather craft and the polyester thread gives a pleasant hand stitching experience different to that when stitching with linen.

Colour Options are as follows;

1. White 
2. Beige
3. Black 
4. Pink
5. Emerald Green
6. Tiffany Green 
7. Peacock Blue
8. Dark Purple 
9. Light Brown 
10. Dark Brown 
11. Coffee
12. Camel
13. Purplish Red 
14. Burgundy 
15. Red 
16. Watermelon Red
17. Carmine Pink
18. Peach Pink 
19. Earthy Yellow 
20. Orange 
21. Radiant Yellow
22. Flash Yellow 
23. Apple Green 
24. Ice Blue 
25. Cobalt Blue 
26. Electric Blue 
27. Navy Blue 
28. Dark Green 
29. Graphite Green 
30. Chateau Green
31. Iron Grey 
32. Elephant Grey 
33. Lavender
34. Peacock Green 
35. Khaki
36. Dark Grey
37. Chestnut

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